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I am very thankful to our members around the world who have made technical and operational challenges, alongside many innovations. I am very proud that during our history we have produced many items where we can say we were the number one supplier of its kind in the world. Now we are offering our first class services and products to precision industries worldwide.

Our policy is to work with our customers locally as much as possible to provide leading engineering support, timely delivery and quick services. Each operation understands local culture and provides world class services. We are not only globally operated, but also all of our operations are networked for continuous improvement and teamwork to fulfill customer’s requirements.

We are the partner company of our customers; not only to manufacture the products to customers’ specification, but also to offer our ideas and R&D support to develop customers’ products at a lower cost with high precision quality. Our aim is to contribute to our customers’ business success and provide value to society.

Paul Yuichi Kato 
Chairman & C.E.O.

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