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Industries we serve

Advanex supply to a whole range of varied and diverse markets and it would be virtually impossible to focus here on  every single application our products go into. Our core business revolves around four main  major global industries,  for examples of the applications and products please select on one the below.


Advanex provides the engineering support for customers from the development stage to the mass production stage.
Advanex has production facilities in Japan, the United States, Europe and across Asia and China. We can offer high-quality products and services across the globe.  Advanex can offer solutions that reflect the current trends and demands in the global automotive market such as reducing weight and the electronization.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Advanex offer product designers full technical support from concept, through various critical development stages into volume manufacture wherever this is eventually located in the world. As part of  the Advanex Global Network of companies our expertise in this market is extensive. We already supply many different type of metal springs, wire forms and stampings using our extensive product design and development capabilities.
Our management systems are approved by leading national and international standards incorporating cGMP practices with DMF Holder status.


Infrastructure, Building & Construction

Advanex offers both unique and standardized products. This includes LockOne which prevents loosening of nuts. Many of these products are used in infrastructures such as housing equipment, railway and roads. We can offer both small and mass production runs depending upon the needs of the customer.

Consumer Electronics

Advanex provide engineering support for projects from development to mass production.Making full use of the technology of metalworking such as forming, deep drawing etc, we can supply large quantities of precise and complicated products at competitive prices.  The insert moulding technology can be used for the combined products of metal and plastic. This is used in camera, cellular phone and many other consumer electronics products.

Office Automation Equipment

Our technology and systems are developed and centred around providing a complete service to meet and exceed our customers expectation and demands in these highly demanding markets but our skills, experience and technology allow us to provide the same level of service, quality and competitiveness to all our customers no matter there demand, product or market.

  • Computers and Perpherals
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical Devices
  • Home Appliance
  • Irrigation
  • Security
  • Renewable Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Technology
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Building & Construction
  • Food & Beverage
  • Rail
  • Health and Safety
  • Retail & Leisure
  • Toys

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