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Case Studies


The Problem

The customer was a medical equipment manufacturer that had had reports of accidents occurring with their new product – the lens cover of their halogen lamp had detached and fallen due to the fastener becoming loose under heat, creating a potential hazard. Medical institutions demanded the product be improved and the customer had to work fast to calm the claims against their product quickly.

The Solution

Advanex were able to deliver an ideal solution on an urgent basis through:

  • Expertise of the technicians at the development centre in Koriyama
  • Keeping the cost of the solution low
  • Meeting production requirements

The customer’s product was used regularly in medical institutions, so it was impossible to collect and repair them all efficiently. The customer would have to visit the nationwide delivery destinations as soon as possible and improve the defective part to prevent accidents happening from the lens cover dropping down.

It was essential that a simple solution was found so that the customer’s sales person could make the repairs easily by themselves without having to modify the units, by making a hole for example.

In addition, because of the number of units it was essential to minimise the cost of this solution.

An Advanex sales person took the customer to our prototype factory in Koriyama because of the urgency of the situation. The most experienced technical staff made a trial spring by hand immediately, and made a drawing based on the trial spring assuming that it would be mass-produced by our multi-forming machine.

After only two trials the customer was satisfied and Advanex were able to supply the ideal product in only three weeks.

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Wire form

Forming Method

Multi forming




Medical equipment maker


Lens cover holder




Three weeks


To secure a lens cover


Quick response, rapid prototyping

Customers Benefit

Reputation of widely used product was