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Case Studies


The Problem

An electrical equipment manufacturer made a request to the Advanex group for local procurement and overseas production through it’s global network. In order to reduce costs, a customer wanted to move his production from Japan to Thailand. As the Advanex Thailand factory is located within 500 metres of the customer’s own factory, they approached the group to see if it was possible to carry out mass production in Thailand. The customer also demanded competitive quotes from competitors to ensure they were getting a good price.

The Solution

The transition in production from Japan to the customer’s country Thailand was a smooth process. This was due to:

  • Effective world-wide network
  • Consistency and cooperation between different areas of the group
  • Knowledge of Advanex staff

The parts used in digital single-lens reflex cameras are technically demanding, requiring advanced processes to produce. Japan would determine the specifications and pricing but manufacture would be transferred to Thailand to bring down costs.

In order for this transition to be smooth it was essential that we had a system for developing prototypes in Japan and transferring the technical details to Thailand.

Advanex also needed to develop and manufacture parts on a short lead time and respond quickly to changes in design specifications.

The customer was satisfied with the transition of mass production to Thailand. Based on the customer’s requests, the Koriyama development centre and Niigata production factory worked synonymously to produce samples for the customer’s design department. Improvements were made promptly, giving Advanex an advantage over potential competitors. Once approved the final designs were submitted and explained to Thailand. Niigata offered continued support to Thailand. Making a trouble free start to mass production in locally to the customer.

Another advantage the Advanex group had over competitors is that both Niigata and Thailand had the same machines and technical capabilities, which are employed world-wide, making transfer of production overseas easy.

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Conical, extension and flat springs

Forming Method

Multi slide forming, power press, coiling


Designed in Japan, produced in Thailand


General electric al equipment manufacturer


Camera parts




1 year in development


To drive costs down


Localisation of production

Customers Benefit

Target costs met