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Case Studies


The Problem

A manufacturer of plant equipment based in Hokuriko needed to incorporate springs in a partition they were making for the air conditioning control unit for a clean room. Initially they purchased standard springs from a wholesale supplier made from music wire. They tried several variations of spring but could not make their product work successfully. This led them to approach Advanex via the web.

The Solution

For a customer with no prior knowledge of springs Advanex were able to provide an ideal product with a prompt and helpful response. We offered:

  • Bespoke design and development from initial inquiry to end product
  • High development speed
  • Quick Delivery

The customer commissioned Advanex to design and manufacture springs suitable for their product, which would be used in clean rooms.

The original springs used by the customer were made from music wire and were thus susceptible to rusting, making them unsuitable for a clean room environment. They requested that the springs from Advanex be manufactured from stainless steel but retain the original functional performance of the previous springs.

The customer had no experience designing springs so they consulted Advanex by telephone and e-mail explaining that by using stainless steel instead of the music wire they were using originally, we would need to redesign the springs to meet their requirements.

A design specification was provided and trials began. Three sets of trials were carried out to reach a suitable solution for their application and the final product was delivered just 25 days from their initial contact with Advanex.

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Product Compression spring
Forming Method Coiling
Location Japan
Customer Plant equipment manufacturer
Application Used in an air conditioning unit
Market Plant equipment
Leadtime 25 days after the development request
Purpose To be suitable for use in a clean room
Solution Rapid prototyping
Customers Benefit Mass production, short lead time, quick delivery